Student Testimonials

This past year, I took the Trig/Pre-cal at Mark Keppel, and I couldn’t understand any of my teacher’s explanations. By the end of the first semester, I had a D in my class and was about to fail my class, if I didn’t get help fast.
One week before my Semester 1 final, I went to see Aaron. He gave me a 2-hour trial tutoring session, during which, he taught me more than my teacher did in the past week. I went back twice more before my final, and did well enough so that my grade jumped up to a stable C, and I actually felt like I learned something that semester.
I, of course, went back to have Pre-calculus tutoring the next semester, and I automatically saw how different my grades were, and how much more I understood. I went into class being able to finally participate, help other students, and even do examples on the board! I went into my tests sure that I knew the material, and much more interested in learning in general. I went on to ace multiple tests, and find favor with my teacher.
A really great thing about Accendo is that the class sizes stay small (no more than 4 people per session) and Aaron does his best to make hi schedule flexible so you can come in whenever you need.
I highly recommend coming to Accendo if you want to understand math, as well as to have someone cheer you on in your studies. Overall, after getting tutored at Accendo, my grade has gone from a 67% (D) to an 87% (B)! That is truly the two letter grade improvement I was promised!
About a month and a half into 7th grade math, my son was almost failing the class. I contacted Accendo Learning, and my son worked with Aaron Cua. Aaron is patient with my son, knows how to get him to focus, and helped him with homework. Aaron was able to clearly explain and show my son how to solve the homework problems that he missed, and to learned from those mistakes and to get the best out of him. Before going to Accendo Learning, I would ask my son how his math test was, and his reply would be “I don’t know or it was hard”. After working with Aaron at Accendo Learning, when I asked how was the test, he would say, “I think I did pretty good or it wasn’t bad”. My son was confident when he took math tests after going to Accendo Learning. Working with Aaron really helped him gain the knowledge he needed for his math class and the confidence that he could do the math problems. My son definitely had a really good experience working with Aaron at Accendo Learning. I would not hesitate going back to Accendo Learning if my son needed that extra help.
Accendo is a great tutoring center. They have great tutors that helped me get As on the test and an A in the Pre-cal. This is my first time going to a tutoring place and I adviced you should go and try it out.
I started going to Accendo my freshman year of high school for tutoring in math. It was the first time I’ve ever needed a tutor especially for math of course I didn’t like going but I saw an improvement in my grade and after sessions with their teachers I thoroughly understood the concepts. The teachers are great and I plan on going back next year for multiple subjects.
To Whom It May Concern: I was referred to Accendo Learning center from a family friend. She had a daughter in high school and a son in middle school struggling with math. In a short time, both students greatly improved their math scores. From my own personal experience, my son needed the same kind of help. In a short period of time, (1st quarter of the school year) my son has gained confidence with the support and quality of tutoring from Accendo Learning Center. My son’s performance has excelled tremendously. I recommend Accendo Learning Center highly. I believe any student with math struggles would benefit from the quality of care and giving they have to offer.
When I first started Math Analysis in Mr. Cua’s class, I was struggling to overcome the difficulties of the subject. Mr. Cua is given much of the credit for the turn around my grade to an A. A “thank you” isn’t enough to show what Aaron’s help has done for me. Aaron shows a genuine concern for his students and a strong commitment to helping his students attain their full potential. The most vital part of his tutoring is that he really cares for the well being of his students. The patience that he has with his students is really remarkable and shows just how much he cares. I sincerely hope that Mr. Cua’s endeavor to teach more students is a great success.
The time I spent in Accendo was truly a wonderful learning experience. In addition to focusing on problems I found to be difficult, Accendo also offered guidance that helped me excel in my Pre-Calculus and Chemistry classes. This tutoring center definitely changed my grades and my work ethic.
The teachers there really helped me and raise my grade.